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DEBRA L. ATKINS is a playwright, director, actress, producer, published author and a stage play consultant.   Writing and producing inspirational stage plays is her God-given ministry as well as her passion.  Debra has been writing and producing inspirational stage plays for over 25 years.  She has written and produced more than 60 one-act and full length gospel stage plays, sketches, skits, poems, and short stories.  Many of her plays have been performed in various theaters and in local venues and churches throughout Houston, Texas as well as in several other cities.

Working Together As One Productions is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization that was created to change lives through dramatic presentations. W.T.A.O. writes, performs and professionally produces inspirational stage plays that are based on real-life and relevant issues that affect our society. Inspirational drama is just the means by which we effect positive changes in our communities. Additionally, our theatrical productions provides opportunities for upcoming actors and actresses to develop and utilize their talents.  Here are just a few of the plays that we have produced and toured over the years:

2015        -           The Sons We Were Meant To Be     The WTAO Center (Houston, TX)   

                Finally, Good Enough                          Lee College Performing Arts Center (Baytown, TX)

2014        -           Finally, Good Enough                          Eden Event Center (Houston, TX)

2013        -             One Good Man                                      Harvest Time Theater (Houston, TX) 

                 -               ---                                                            Living Word Church (Houston, TX)

2006        -               ---                                                            Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX)

2013          -            So Many Secrets, So Many Lies      Family of Faith Fellowship Church (Houston, TX)

2012          -               ---                                                           Metropolitan AME Church (Houston, TX)

                   -               ---                                                           Rivers of Living Waters Ministries (Killeen, TX)

                   -               ---                                                           Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX)

                   -               ---                                                           Columbus High School (Columbus, TX)

2011          -               Still Not Good Enough                   Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX)

2010          -               Iím Sorry, Iím Not Good Enough    Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX)

         -               ---                                                            Greater Love Church (Houston, TX)

2010          -               Family Secrets                                    Jefferson Theatre (Beaumont, TX)

2009          -               ---                                                            Marcie L. Keys Event Center (Houston, TX)

2008          -               ---                                                            Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX)

                   -               ---                                                            Sonrise Community Church (Houston, TX)            

 2009         -               Everybodyís Man                               The Wortham Center (Houston, TX)

                   -               ---                                                            Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX)

2005          -               ---                                                             M.O. Campbell Center (Houston, TX)

                   -               ---                                                            The Sheraton North Houston (Houston, TX)

2001          -               ---                                                            The TBH Cultural Center (Houston, TX)

                   -               ---                                                            Wharton Jr. College (Wharton, TX)

2000          -               ---                                                            The TBH Cultural Center (Houston, TX)

2009          -              Everybodyís Woman                       The Wortham Center (Houston, TX)

                   -               ---                                                             The Carrier Theatre (Syracuse, NY)

2008          -               ---                                                             The Poncan Theater (Ponca, OK)

                   -               ---                                                             Pleasant Hill Baptist Church (Houston, TX)

2007          -               ---                                                             The Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX)

2004          -               ---                                                             The Point Outreach Ministries (Houston, TX)

         -               ---                                                              M.O. Campbell Center (Houston, TX)

         -               ---                                                             The Sheraton North Houston (Houston, TX)

         -               ---                                                             The Silver House Theater (Houston, TX)

2000          -               ---                                                             The TBH Cultural Center (Houston, TX)

2003          -               When Love Walks Away                    Third Ward Community Center (Houston, TX)

-               ---                                                             The Light House Worship Center (Houston, TX)

2003           -               ---                                                             The Sheraton North Houston (Houston, TX)

2004           -               Where Will I End Up?                         Christ Worship Center (Houston, TX)

2002           -               ---                                                             Gulf Meadows Church (Houston, TX)