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Working Together As One Production 2016Season starts off with

 two original stage plays:



A powerful heart-felt story about the Kelly family, a family that has so many secrets, some of the secrets should have been kept a secret forever, and some of the secrets should have been taken to the grave, but then there are some secrets that must be revealed for the sake of keeping the family together.  Come and witness all of the shocking secrets as they all are revealed one by one.




A new dramatic play about love, lies, and life’s lessons.  This play now continues from the hit stage play “So Many Secrets, So Many Lies”. The play now focuses back on Anita Dupree, and how her life seems to be spiraling out of control as she continues to receive more devastating and life-changing news, but in the end she must learn to accept the fact that even though the roads of life can sometimes lead you on a dangerous journey, you have to remember that life goes on.


"I'm Sorry, I’m Not Good Enough"

An inspirational gospel stage play about the Perkins’ family, who all come home to help celebrate their parents 40th anniversary. How would you feel if you found out that the best you had to offer someone was some how still not good enough?  This play exposes various issues about not being good enough, and the pain that is felt after family members are forced to utter those painful words to one another.  This play will bring you to a startling realization about yourself and many others around you.



"Still Not Good Enough"

An inspirational gospel stage play and the sequel to “I’m Sorry, I’m Not Good Enough”.  The play now takes place a couple of years later, after the Perkins family have experienced a terrible lost in the family.  Some of the family members have made many great improvements and accomplishments in their lives and in their relationships, but now other members in the family are faced with brand new challenges.  Not only because they are still not good enough in some cases, but now they have new issues that they will have to overcome.  Some of their issues will bring them new-found-joy, but some of the issues will bring them heart-breaking pain, but after everything is said and done, they will realize that forgiveness and letting go of all the past hurt and mistakes will be very crucial to the family if they ever want the family to be totally healed and restored.



This is the final chapter of the hit stage plays series “I’m Sorry, I’m Not Good Enough and Still Not Good Enough.”  The play now continues after the death of Mr. Perkins, with the family members now having to embrace the newest  addition to the Perkins ‘family, along with enduring other personal struggles, and in the end the love they share for each other will help them survive a family tragedy that no one saw coming.




A brand new inspirational stage play about the lives of four brothers who all have to deal with an array of emotions concerning the care for their aging mother.  The story basically unfolds depicting the last days of their mother who has been diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease, who now has to live with her oldest son Wesley, because she is no longer able to care for herself and how each of them are force to cope with this situation along with their own personal endeavors, but in the end all of them will come to realization that caring for her is really too much for one person to handle.


 "One Good Man" is the sequel to “When Love Walks Away.”

An inspirational gospel stage play that features new plot twists, with some familiar faces as well as new characters, also features a cast of eight.  But this time the focus is now on “Tyrice” and how he is faced with a serious situation when his wife “Phoebe” who becomes deceived and decides to leave him for another man.  Tyrice has to defy all odds to try and convince his friends why he is so determined to get his wife back.  One Good Man is ultimately a story about real love, real pain, real life issues, real friendships, but most of all real faith in God. 

 “So Many Secrets, So Many Lies”

Is an inspirational life changing stage play that continues from the hit stage play “Everybody’s Woman.”Why does it seem like whenever you decide to change your life for the better, your past somehow comes back to haunt you, and looking for revenge?  This story is about one man (“Mark Collins”) whose life from the very beginning has been filled with so many secrets, and so many lies that not only affects his life, but also affects the people that he loves, and after several turn of unexpected events in his life, Mark realizes that he can no longer continue to live this sinful type of life style, but in the end some of his past mistakes may very well cost him everything.  This play also brings awareness to the HIV crisis that is affecting our communities. Come expecting to see much more than another stage play, but come expecting to be inspired, informed and delivered!

"Everybody's Woman"

The story about Ms. Anita Dupree, a beautiful single mother of two daughters, thinks she is leading an exciting life by doing all the things that she chooses to do.  Her promiscuous seductive ways have unlocked doors to many places and have obtained her many worldly goods, but there’s one problem though, her family’s foundation is about to be shaken to it’s core because of this type of lifestyle, and in the end she will be left wondering whether all the glamour, glitz, and the company of several men were even worth it.  This drama deals with real every day issues, and real every day people, but most of all it deals with real deliverance.


An inspirational comedy/drama that focuses on one man’s real-life relationships.  Marcus Hill is a brother who has everything going for him. God has blessed him with a good family, dependable friends and a successful career, but he still has this one big problem, he has too many women friends.   Find out what happens when the painful truth about each of his relationships are eventually exposed.   The startling finale will have you examining your own relationship with God as well as with others.